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  1. Definition of mesopelagic: of or relating to oceanic depths from about feet to feet ( to meters) Examples of mesopelagic in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web The North American academic community can only supply about 12 ROVs capable of standing up to the pressure and darkness of the mesopelagic .
  2. adjective Oceanography. of, relating to, or living in the ocean at a depth of between feet ( meters) and 3, feet ( meters).
  3. Jul 03,  · Known as the "twilight zone," the mesopelagic zone extends from , feet below the surface of the ocean. The mesopelagic zone has low levels of light that make it impossible for photosynthetic organisms to survive. Light, oxygen, and temperature decrease with depth in this zone, while salinity and pressure increase.
  4. The upper mesopelagic layer exhibited greater microbial diversity and richness compared to surface waters.
  5. [ –50; meso- + pelagic] This word is first recorded in the period – Other words that entered English at around the same time include: beeper, fail-safe, on-line, regression analysis, shootout meso- is a combining form meaning “middle,” used in the formation of compound words.
  6. The sonar mystery revealed life in a part of the ocean where none was thought to be: the mesopelagic zone. The open ocean - everything except the coast and bottom - is not the same at different depths. It’s made up of habitats defined by currents, pressure, and temperature, but most of all by light.
  7. In marine ecosystem: Geography, oceanography, and topography Below this zone lie the mesopelagic, ranging between and 1, metres, the bathypelagic, from 1, to 4, metres, and the abyssalpelagic, which encompasses the deepest parts of the oceans from 4, metres to the recesses of the deep-sea trenches.
  8. [ mĕz′ə-pə-lăj ′ĭk ] A layer of the oceanic zone lying beneath the epipelagic zone and above the bathypelagic zone, at depths generally between and 1, m ( and 3, ft). The .

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